NO Laminitis! Conference Schedule

Friday, September 27 - Arrival
5:30-8:00      Meet and Greet Reception - Jacksonville Inn

Saturday, September 28 - Advancing Our Understanding of EMS and Laminitis
Morning          US Hotel Ballroom - 2nd floor US Bank Building            
6:45-7:45      Sign in and continental breakfast
7:45-8:00      Welcome and Introduction - Jaini Clougher, ECIR Group Inc. President
8:00-8:30      ECIR Group: Clearinghouse for Clinical/Epidemiological Information - Eleanor M. Kellon, VMD 
8:30-9:30      Getting the Right Diagnosis for PPID/ Cushing’s and EMS/IR Eleanor M. Kellon, VMD 
9:30-10:00    Endothelin-1: Key Player in Equine Laminitis?Joan Kulifay  
10:00-10:30  New information: Insulin Resistance in MaresEleanor M. Kellon, VMD   
10:30-11:30  Mares with Refractory Insulin Resistance - Joan Kulifay, Courtney Diehl, DVM, PC    
11:30-12:30  Iron overload and Insulin ResistanceEleanor M. Kellon, VMD  

12:45 - 1:45  Lunch
1:45-5:45  Physiology of the Equine Foot
 - Robert M. Bowker, VMD, PhD  
            Laminitis: Why is it good for the coffin bone to be "porous" while in women we call it "osteoporosis"? 
            Laminitis: The suspensory apparatus of the coffin bone: its functioning in health and disease. 
            The Vascular Cushion of the Frog: What does it do?? 
            Nerves, Nerves, Nerves: why are they so important to the horse?
6:30-9:00      Dinner Under the Stars - Barbecue at Doc Griffin Park

Sunday, September 29 - Principles and Guidelines - Putting It To Work
Morning          US Hotel Ballroom - 2nd floor US Bank Building   
7:45-8:30      Continental breakfast
8:30-10:00    Principles of the Realigning TrimLinda Ables 
10:00-10:30  Roles of Minerals in Insulin SensitivityEleanor M. Kellon, VMD
10.30-11:00  Obesity and Inflammation - Kathleen Gustafson     
11:00-12:00  Nutrition Complexities and Mineral Profiles of HayKathleen Gustafson and Jannalee Smithey  
12:00-1:00    Panel Discussion - Summary, Questions and Answers

Approved CE Program detail:
The conference program has been approved for 13 hours of Continuing Education Credits by the Oregon Veterinary Examining Board. Approvals for CE have also been received from Pennsylvania, Oregon, Washington and Colorado. 
Contact  regarding CE Credits for your state veterinary board.

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