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  • 2015 No Laminitis!
    Georgetown, TX Fri, Nov 6 - Sun, Nov 8 Conference Flyer

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Guest Speakers

  • Eleanor Kellon, VMD
  • Robert Bowker, VMD, PhD
  • Philip J Johnson, BVSc,
  • Kathleen Gustafson, PhD
  • Daisy A Bicking
  • Lavinia Fiscaletti
  • Ben Buchanan, DVM, DACVIM, DACVECC

eleanorEleanor Kellon, VMD, is one of a handful of experts in Cushing's/PPID and Insulin Resistance in horses.  Owner of Equine Nutritional Solutions, Robesonia, PA, she is well known for her work with nutraceuticals for horses and is an authority on equine nutrition and conditions affecting performance horses. A best- selling author, Dr. Kellon is well known for her field trials breaking new ground. Dr. Kellon's professional meetings and publications have included the use of the herb Gynostemma pentaphyllum  and the blue- green algae Spirulina plentensis in the Horse and Iron Status in Hyperinsulinemic/Insulin Resistant Horses (European Equine Health and Nutrition Congress 2006) and contributing author on laminitis and dietary therapy of insulin resistance in Care and Rehabilitation of the EquineFoot (Hoof Rehabilitation Publishing 2011), Equine Podiatry (WB Saunders Co, 2006).

Since 2008, Dr. Kellon has seen over 3000 students through her online nutrition and health courses (www.drkellon.com). She is also Staff  Veterinary Specialist for Uckele Health and Nutrition, the co-owner of the 12,000 international member ECIR outreach group, and Veterinary Advisor to the ECIR Group nonprofit.

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bowkerRobert M. Bowker, VMD, PhD, is a professor of Neurobiology and Anatomy at the Pathobiology and Diagnostic Investigation Department at Michigan State University. As a research scientist and educator, Dr. Bowker has made significant contribution to understanding the dynamic and functional architecture of the equine foot, exploring areas not previously considered. He is an internationally recognized author, lecturer and teacher with an extensive publication list of more than 150 publications.

In 2008 Dr. Bowker established the Corona Vista Equine Center where he continues to pursue collaborative research programs with experts around the globe.

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PhilJohnsonx250Dr. Philip Johnson, BVSc, MS, DACVIM, DECEIM, MRCVS, graduated with Honors from the University of Bristol (England) School of Veterinary Medicine in 1981 and entered a private veterinary practice in the Bath/Bristol area for 3 years. He completed graduate studies (MS) and an equine medicine and surgery clinical residency at the University of Illinois. Dr. Johnson is a board certified specialist in internal medicine as recognized by both the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine and the European College of Equine Internal Medicine. He is a Professor of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery at the University of Missouri’s College of Veterinary Medicine, where he has been since 1991. Dr. Johnson’s research interests include equine clinical endocrinology, all aspects of laminitis, and gastroenterology. He enjoys all clinical aspects of the internal medicine discipline. Aside from the clinical, instructional, and scientific aspects of veterinary medicine, his interests include running, tennis, composing music, listening to music, art, hiking the wilderness, and literature.

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Kathlee Gustafsonx250Kathleen Gustafson, PhD, is an NIH-funded research scientist who first viewed the recommendations of the ECIR outreach group with skepticism when her gelding developed IR and laminitis. The scientific and evidence-based approach impressed her so much that she became a group moderator, helping others to understand the importance of nutrition, diet and exercise. Kathleen is also a Director and Research Advisor for ECIR Group Inc., a 501c3 approved nonprofit organization.

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DaisyBickingDaisy founded Daisy Haven Farm, Inc in 2004, focusing on rehabilitation of the equine foot.  Daisy maintains a busy farrier practice, teaches hoof workshops  and offers Endorsements through her School of Integrative Hoofcare.  Daisy has won awards for her work with laminitis and spoken at Cornell University, the International Hoof Care Summit, The Laminitis Conference and the International Lameness Prevention Conference. Daisy maintains a database of over 200,000 digital photographs and corresponding radiographs of the equine foot- capturing objective, measurable data over time.

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LaviniaFiscalettiandGeorgeAfter learning of the on-line support group from a well-known magazine article, Lavinia joined the ECIR group in 2005 to help her own PPID gelding recover from laminitis and founder.
Like so many others, help from the group resulted in properly diagnosing IR in addition to PPID, setting up a correct diet and recognizing trim deficiencies that were keeping George from being able to exercise. She began successfully trimming her own horses when she couldn’t find anyone to do a proper realigning trim. Over time, Lavinia became a practicing barefoot trimmer as she took on clients with horses in need.
As moderator for the ECIR sister list, ECHoof,  Lavinia now also assists members in recognizing and eliminating the hidden trim issues that are preventing their horses from continuing in their recoveries.

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ben buchananBen Buchanan, DVM, DACVIM, DACVECC,  grew up in Navasota, Texas, and attended Texas A&M, graduating in 2001. Afterwards, he completed two residencies; Large Animal Internal Medicine at University of Tennessee, Knoxville in 2004 and Emergency and Critical Care at University of Pennsylvania in 2005. One of the very few people in the world to be board certified in Internal Medicine and Emergency Critical Care, Dr Buchanan is a partner at Brazos Valley Equine Hospital, Navasota, where he works alongside his father, Dr. Terrell (T-Bone) Buchanan. In 2012 Dr. Ben Buchanan was awarded Texas Equine Veterinarian of the Year - TVMA - College Station, Texas, and continues to be active in community outreach by speaking at events around the world regarding equine care.

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Latest News

ecir no laminitis header 2015


Biennial meeting of the Equine Cushing’s and Insulin Resistance Group Inc.

Guidelines for Research Presentations and Case Report Submissions

Submission Deadline: 5:00 PM (CDT), USA, Monday, August 3rd, 2015

Submission Process: Email PDF of Abstract to research@ECIRhorse.org

The organizers of the 3rd biennial NO Laminitis! Conference invite veterinarians, researchers, students, nutritionists and hoof care professionals to submit abstracts describing relevant original research material or descriptions of unique clinical cases for consideration for presentation. All accepted abstracts will be published in the conference proceedings and will be made available through the International Veterinary Information Service (IVIS). The official conference language is English.

At least one author must be registered for the conference and available to present the work at the assigned time. Each prospective presenter may submit a maximum of 3 abstracts for consideration. Submissions will be selected for the program on the basis of the quality of the work and the suitability of submissions to fit the scheduled sessions. An impartial panel of qualified reviewers will evaluate the content of the abstracts and cases after identifying information is removed from the submission.